Volans Project Breakthrough

Crafting a brand identity for an exciting new platform that champions innovation and sustainability.

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“HAA were wonderful to work with. Highly creative, and brilliant project managers. I suspect we were a challenging client, working alongside the United Nations Global Compact, with their own very particular priorities and design principles, but Human After All handled the 3-way complexities very well.”

John Elkington, Chairman, Volans

The Challenge

  • Volans is a London-based ‘market catalyst’ group, working with businesses, governments and civil society to address global systemic challenges.
  • In partnership with The United Nations Global Compact, Volans created Project Breakthrough - a content platform for inspiring and showcasing innovation projects within the circular economy.
  • We were asked to create a visual identity and website for the platform. Our work included logo creation, developing the name and narrative of the project, and establishing a consistent look and style for editorial, video and static image content.

The Solution

  • We began by conducting a brand essence workshop, helping Volans to further catalyse its mission, and to explore what ‘business sustainability’ means to its audience.
  • The findings of this workshop were distilled into a Brand Essence guide for Volans to use as an ongoing point of reference.
  • Through the course of several stages of collaboration, we worked with Volans to create the name ‘Project Breakthrough’, along with a matching campaign narrative.
  • We also gave Volans a visual identity kit to guide the deployment of its brand.
  • Finally, we provided Volans with physical and digital assets to support the roll-out of its new visual design - including presentation and marketing templates, office signage and social media guides.

The Results

Volans Project Breakthrough brand identity by Human After All design agency

Design agency Human After All is the design partner of Volans

Project Breakthrough logo and visual identity guidelines

Project Breakthrough quote and colour scheme

Project Breakthrough website on mobile device

Photographic treatment of an image of wind farms

Project Breakthrough website desktop design by design agency Human After All

Project Breakthrough website desktop design

Volans Project Breakthrough brand identity guidelines

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