Facebook #SheMeansBusiness

Women in businesses face a range of challenges. For this global campaign, Facebook partnered with Human After All to build a community of women with entrepreneurial spirit.

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The Challenge

  • Facebook wanted to re-energise and further evolve their global campaign #SheMeansBusiness in time for its official relaunch on International Women’s Day.
  • #SheMeansBusiness encourages women with entrepreneurial spirit to join forces and help each other start, build or grow businesses.
  • The campaign needed an expressive yet elegant new identity to help it achieve global reach and inspire female entrepreneurs worldwide.
  • The idea of a community space needed to underpin the entire campaign as it is this that would connect female entrepreneurs from across the world.

The Solution

  • We undertook a detailed review to understand the diverse challenges facing women in business, paying particular care to the contrasting trends and issues of different countries and regions.
  • Our findings and initial creative proposals were presented and discussed with key Facebook stakeholders in a series of workshops held around the world.
  • The output of these workshops was a “Big Idea” deck. This represented a crystalised creative and strategic approach to #SheMeansBusiness.
  • With a globally-agreed approach, we created a Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines and Global Playbook, which established the rules for the campaign’s global rollout.
  • This led to the creation of the Community Finder, a bespoke tool within the #SheMeansBusiness website, which helps women with entrepreneurial spirit to find supportive and useful Facebook Groups faster than ever before.
  • We also produced a complete suite of assets for activation both online and offline. This included animations, social cards, event collateral and a global anthem video.

The Results

  • The #SheMeansBusiness website is now live in 18 languages, with a localised Community Finder for each. This helps women with entrepreneurial spirit to find supportive communities wherever they are in the world.
  • The project earned global press coverage, including this Mashable article.
  • Numerous Live streams were broadcast on International Women’s Day. This featured posts by new business talent and influential leaders, such as Arianna Huffington and Victoria Beckham.
  • An ongoing programme of assets and events was established. Human After All remains a Facebook production partner, helping to create additional #SheMeansBusiness content for Facebook teams around the globe.
  • Since #SheMeansBusiness began in 2016, it has trained more than 90,000 women in 18 countries.
Facebook #SheMeansBusiness global campaign connecting female entrepreneurs by Human After All design agency

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness global campaign intro

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness typographic design asset

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness notebook

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness icon design

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness global campaign localisation

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness responsive website design

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness campaign identity on a tote bag

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness icon design

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness mobile website design

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness event photography

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