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Refreshing the look and feel of Everyman’s bi-monthly listings magazine to help cinephiles fall in love with film again.

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"Working with Human After All has made me a better person. They're an inspiration."

Hoss Ghonouie, Marketing & Events Manager Everyman Cinema

The Challenge

  • In 2015 Everyman asked us to redesign its listings magazine and turn it into a publication that would excite and inspire film enthusiasts; passionate about cinema and publishing ourselves, we happily obliged.
  • In 2017, two years in, we set about revamping the magazine to further strengthen Everyman’s relationship with its audience and to help drive yet more membership sign-ups.
  • Our task was to preserve the spirit of the magazine as it stood — with its insightful editorial and clean design — but, at the same time, offer something new to Everyman customers.

The Solution

  • From the beginning, our aim was to give each film listing the space it needed to truly capture the imagination. At the same time we worked to refine certain design elements to bolster the Everyman voice and allow the brand to express itself.
  • We imbued the magazine with a greater sense of weight and authority by designating two double-page spreads for the lead film, and double-page spreads for every other listed feature.
  • Full-colour film stills were also introduced as strong points of intrigue which, when coupled with the sharpened editorial, worked to bring every movie to life.
  • Each design flourish was measured, precise and effective — from the subtle white foiling of the mast head which glimmers under lobby lights, to the rounded corners of the film images, to the differing lead colours that run through each unique issue.

The Results

  • Our redesign has resulted in a leaner Everyman magazine that, by virtue of its simplicity, is bolder, authoritative, yet just as insightful and accessible as the previous iteration.
  • Since teaming up with Everyman in 2015 we’ve covered a total of 171 films across 16 bi-monthly issues: that’s 171 pieces of trivia and more than 65 individual “Movies by numbers” entries.
  • The new magazines have landed in 23 Everyman cinemas and now reach a huge audience across the breadth of the UK.
  • The refreshed design has been featured in the design press by Communication Arts and YCN.

Everyman cinema listings magazine design by Human After All design agency

Everyman Magazine design - image 1

Everyman Magazine design - image 2

Everyman Magazine design - image 3

Everyman Magazine design - image 4

Everyman Magazine design - image 5

Everyman Magazine data visualisation

Everyman Magazine cover designs

Everyman Magazine page design - image 1

Everyman Magazine page design - image 2

Everyman Magazine page design - image 3

Everyman Magazine contents page design

Everyman Magazine masthead design

Everyman Magazine page layout design

Everyman Magazine page layout spreads - image 1

Everyman Magazine page layout spreads - image 2

Everyman Magazine page layout spreads - image 3

Everyman Magazine page layout spreads - image 4

Everyman Magazine cover designs

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