Everyman Cinema Website Design

A slick responsive redesign of Everyman Cinema’s website, making it effortless for people to book tickets anywhere, anytime - and helping the brand express its passion for movies.

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The Challenge

  • Everyman is the UK’s coolest boutique cinema chain. From the bar service to the sofa-seats, it brings class and comfort back to the cinema-going experience.
  • Around 65% of Everyman’s audience book tickets online - and a growing majority on mobile - yet Everyman’s mobile and desktop experiences were completely separate.
  • Everyman wanted to refresh and redesign its website to be fully responsive, while expressing the brand’s idiosyncratic personality and passion for cinema.

The Solution

  • We conducted user research with key audience groups to identify pain points with the current website and booking system.
  • After workshopping with Everyman, we developed a UX strategy to balance business needs and user needs.
  • We created wireframes for mobile and desktop across the site’s key pages including Homepage, Venue Landing Page, Individual Venue Page and the full booking journey.
  • We designed a slick new look-and-feel that evolved the website’s visual identity while retaining quirky stylistic touches that Everyman loved.
  • We simplified the booking process and showcased Everyman’s movie selection to drive ticket sales and user satisfaction.
  • We provided functionality and design guides for the developers (Peach Digital) to build the new Everyman site.

The Results

Everyman Cinema website design by Human After All design agency

Everyman Cinema Website design process quote

Everyman website design page layout - image 1

Everyman website design page layout - image 2

Everyman website design page layout - image 3

Everyman Cinema website UI components design - image 1

Everyman Cinema website UI components design - image 2

Everyman Cinema website design workshop

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