Canongate The Movie Doctors

Designing a life-affirming book about movies written by BBC Radio’s much-loved film reviewers Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode.

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"Human After All should be known as Super Human After All! The team gave detail, creativity and understanding to every element of the project."

Rafaela Romaya, Art Director

The Challenge

  • Film reviewers Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo believe movies can make you better. So they wrote a book to explain exactly how.
  • Publishers Canongate asked us to design The Movie Doctors. The book’s look and feel needed to grab readers’ attention as much as Kermode and Mayo’s writing.

The Solution

  • For the book’s front cover, we provided creative direction, commissioned photography and produced the shoot.
  • We creatively directed and designed the entire 350-page book, bringing its editorial to life with illustration and infographics.
  • We commissioned illustrator Toby Triumph to create 25 bespoke illustrations for the book's chapter openings.

The Results

  • The Movie Doctors went on sale on 22 October 2015 and quickly became one of Amazon’s bestsellers.

Canongate The Movie Doctors book designed by Human After All

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