Canongate Website Design

A vibrant new website to channel the spirit of an iconic publisher, showcasing its brilliant authors and their work.

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“Our new website feels like it does justice to the range of brilliant writers we publish, the style with which we like to present their books to the world and the attitude that underpins this fiercely independent publishing house.”

Jamie Byng, CEO, Canongate

The Challenge

  • Irreverent yet passionate, Canongate is one of the UK’s best-loved literature brands — an independent publisher that plays by its own rules.
  • Canongate wanted a new digital destination to capture and communicate its unique personality. The site would serve as a platform for rich multimedia content from Canongate’s authors, championing their talent and the value of their work, beyond the RRP.
  • The site also had to plug into Canongate’s established industry data sources, and offer practical tools to help the company work more efficiently.

The Solution

  • We undertook an in-depth discovery process to explore Canongate’s digital vision, brand personality and internal workflow. Using the resulting insight, we then developed eight page templates that served business and audience needs alike.
  • To put Canongate’s authors and their works at the heart of our templates, we took captivating quotes from the company’s diverse array of books and used them as stand-out page features.
  • We also designed and created a ‘media wall’ function that allowed Canongate to share extracts, long-form text, photography, audio and video — a multimedia window into Canongate’s authors, their writing, and their worlds.
  • Canongate’s history is a key part of its unique personality. We used the site’s About page to tell the company’s own story, crafting an immersive narrative through the lense of its landmark publications.
  • We developed practical pathways for content discovery, enabling users to quickly find books and authors of interest via thematic collections and in-depth search functionality.
  • By adding useful digital tools, such as modular business page templates and a CMS-driven PDF creator, we helped Canongate to work more efficiently towards their internal goals.

The Results

Canongate web design quote

Life of Pi by Yann Martel quote

Design details of search autocomplete for Canongate

Canongate web design - gallery image 1

Canongate web design - gallery image 2

Canongate web design - gallery image 3

Canongate web design - gallery image 4

Canongate web design - gallery image 5

Canongate web design - gallery image 6

Canongate book author page design

Modular design elements designed for the Canongate website

Canongate media wall design

Canongate animated logo

Author and book page design

Books and authors page design

Collections and Canons page design

Events page design

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