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A bold and beautiful festival website designed and built with both form and function in mind.

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The Challenge

  • In 2018 APE presented its audience with numerous different offerings. By simplifying the construct of their website we would help to simplify the construct of the event itself.
  • Festival sites exist in phases: first as tools for announcements and later as more functional repositories of practical information. As such, APE’s site would need to be able to adapt at different times of year to meet different challenges.

The Solution

  • We carried out research into best practice festival websites, focusing on issues such as catering for large traffic spikes around announcements. As a result, we advocated migrating from Squarespace to our own bespoke technical setup.
  • Once setup had been established we moved through rapid wireframing and prototyping phases, building a dynamic and flexible CMS that could accommodate the different phases of the project’s lifespan.
  • We took our creative lead from the festival’s historical branding and endeavoured to bring the website to life by utilising a select few design elements — chief among them, APE’s signature eastward facing chevrons. We applied this treatment to various calls to action.

The Results

  • Our focus on managing traffic despite the use of multiple streaming videos was rewarded. The site went live with its first headliner in late 2018 and ran perfectly despite the demands placed upon it by high web traffic.
  • Explore the All Points East website at

All Point East festival website

All Points East festival website design displayed on devices

All Points East festival website design on mobile

All Points East festival website design on desktop

All Points East festival website design

All Points East festival website design on mobile device

All Points East festival logo

All Points East website design on desktop and mobile devices

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