We created a unique new brand: a free weekly film service where movies are a way to discover the world.

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The Challenge

  • Great movies inspire us to do more, learn more and be more. Yet strangely, there’s no movie club in the world that does the same.
  • We wanted to create a new digital weekly service in which movies are a way to discover the amazing world we live in.
  • Our goal was to create something beautiful and useful, helping people see the more films at the cinema and inspiring them to do more outside the cinema.

The Solution

  • Every week, delve’s beautiful email newsletter recommends a single movie: the one new film you can’t miss at the cinema.
  • That film is voted for by our panel of the UK’s most trusted film critics, joining us from the Guardian, the Telegraph and Empire.
  • Then delve goes deeper: it brings you a curated bundle of surprising, fascinating links inspired by the themes of our Film of the Week.
  • Finally, we celebrate every Film of the Week by creating a beautiful original artwork, available for fans to buy and keep forever.

The Results

  • Launched in Jan 2015, delve’s unique service now reaches more than 13,000 fans each week via its newsletter and social channels.
  • delve’s fast-growing audience has proved hugely engaged, with the newsletter achieving a 53% open rate and a 14% click rate.
  • The unique artwork created for delve each week has been featured by the design press including Creative Review, Digital Arts Online and Communication Arts.
  • Sign up for delve at and discover it for yourself!

delve weekly digital film service by Human After All design agency

Logo - delve branding

Icon design - delve branding - image 2

Icon design - delve branding - image 3

delve movie poster artworks by Adrian Johnson, Eiko Ojala, Michael Arnold & Andrea Manzati

delve movie poster artworks by Eve Lloyd Knight & Marina Muun

delve poster artworks by Thomas Danthony, Michal Bednarski, Karolis Strautniekas & Edward Tuckwell

delve movie poster artworks by Alice Bowsher, Mike Lemanski, Stephane Manel & Jimmy Turrell

delve movie poster artworks by Webuyyourkids & Leonard Peng

delve movie poster artworks by Adrian Johnson, Calvin Sprague, Sébastien Thibault & Studio Castelao

delve movie poster artworks by Matt Murphy, Telegramme, David Downton & Joe Wilson

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