Cult Movie Cards

Ace Ventura, King Kong, the Alien Queen, Jack Torrance… What’s the deal? A beautifully illustrated deck of playing cards inspired by cult movies. Created by us. Funded by Kickstarter. Designed for fans.

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"A celebration of those movies and characters that will forever live on in the hearts of fans."

Sammy Maine,
Creative Bloq

The Challenge

  • Our team has been making art that celebrates cinema for almost a decade. We needed a new project that could help bring film out into the world.
  • How could we create movie artwork that would actually be useful? An awesome deck of playing cards for people who love cinema as much as we do.

The Solution

  • The brainchild of our editorial director Jonathan Crocker, Cult Movie Cards is a deck of playing cards like no other: 54 cards inspired by a cult movie or a cult movie character.
  • The project was announced on Kickstarter in summer 2014. To make the project possible, we asked backers to make a leap of faith on a product they wouldn’t see for months.
  • Every single card was lovingly illustrated by our creative director Paul Willoughby, who created stunning representations of cinema’s most iconic heroes and villains.
  • We secured USPCC approval for the deck – as used by the world’s best magicians and poker pros – ensuring they would be produced with the highest quality printing methods available.

The Results

Cult Movie Cards Kickstarter by Human After All design agency

Hand of cards showing the Cult Movie Card illustrations

Packs of cards showing the packaging design for Cult Movie Cards

Top of the pack of cards for Cult Movie Cards

Single playing card showing Chinatown illustration card

Two playing cards and pack of Cult Movie Cards

Close-up on illustration on a playing card

Four aces from a pack of Cult Movie Cards

Four jacks from a pack of Cult Movie Cards

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