Climate Strike protest pack by Human After All

Climate Strike protest pack

By Human After All

Power up your placards with our Climate Strike protest pack.

We've come up with a bunch of icons and slogans for anyone to use as part of the Global Climate Strike.

Open the Google slides pack here, make a copy and use whatever you like to create your placards.

Hack the pack however you like

  • Try out our icons and slogans in any combination to make a poster.
  • Mix and match our ideas with your own.
  • Print out anything and use it as it is.
  • Create your own hand-made versions.
  • Borrow the font.
  • Change the colours.

We’ve created it to help anyone, anywhere get messages about climate change seen

As a team of designers, writers, producers and digital specialists, we wanted to use our collective communication skills to support the Global Climate Strike. Because we’re fully behind the cause as a force for good in the world.

So we worked through hundreds of ideas in a day-long workshop (inspired by the Noun Project’s Iconathons) to get to this final set of packaged-up slogans and icons.

We hope you find slogans, icons and posters that speak to you — so you can use them to speak to the world

So share them with your friends, family and colleagues. Shout about them in your local pub, coffee shop or school. And get creating your own Climate Strike communications.

Whether they’re placards for the big day, or something as small as a hand-made badge to show your support for the week.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with...