The Creatives' Christmas Gift List: 2015 Edition! by Human After All

The Creatives' Christmas Gift List: 2015 Edition!

By Human After All Dec 8

What do you own that helps you be more creative? We asked everyone at Human After All. They answered. And it makes a pretty cool Christmas list. (Especially if you like pens.)


Rhiannon (Junior Producer): Secret Garden colouring book

“I love colouring while I’m on the sofa at home watching TV. This book has some beautiful designs.”


Andy (Senior Producer): Spotify subscription

“Spotify allows me to literally create a soundtrack to my life, punctuating every moment from the mundane (getting ready for work, jogging) to the important (parties, special occasions).”


Victoria (Deputy Creative Director): Knitting kit

AddiClick needles: “These will set you up for all sorts of projects and bamboo is a lovely texture to hold and knit with.”

Plump DK wool: “Mrs Moon's Plump DK is 100% natural fibre, so is incredibly soft and toasty, and comes in a beautiful, contemporary range of colours.”

Learn to Knit, Love to Knit book: “I got back into knitting with the help of this book. Clear photos, easy instructions, simple contemporary patterns.”


Guy (Creative): Paper Mate nylon pen

“My absolute favourite pen. Very soft to write and sketch loosely with. It’s also on a site called 'Cult Pens'. Gotta be a good sign...”


Mei (Junior Creative): Iwako Puzzle erasers

“Anything that's colourful tends to help me be creative. I bought these Japanese puzzle erasers at Comic Con. It's surprisingly hard to find these blister packs anywhere other than eBay.”


Angus (Senior Creative): Headspace

“I subscribe to this. I usually find switching off from a problem and then coming back to it is the best way around it.”


Hannah (Production Manager): The Artist’s Way

“This is an amazing book about unlocking your inner creativity. I think everyone and anyone should read it.”


Jonathan (Editorial Director): Areca palm plant

“A beautiful, flawlessly designed, auto-updating bio-technology that quietly keep us alive. I have two on my desk. Here’s a TED Talk about how this one works its magic.”


Ailsa (Managing Director): Noisli

“Don't be fooled by the name, this app is the best way of finding your happy quiet place with soundscapes from the wild.”


James (Creative): Gig Posters: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century

“One of my favourite books. Full of screen-printed gig posters, great for inspiration, full of incredible work. And each page pulls out so you can frame it!”


Rob (Creative Director): Daler Rowney hardback wired A4 sketchbook + Uni-Ball rollerball pen.

“What a sketchbook... so stable, so strong, so flexible. And what a pen... so fluid, so streamline, so sumptuous. I could not operate without them.”


Vinnie (Studio Assistant): Hario hand-grinder

“If I’m at home settling down to do something, I like going through the ritual of grinding beans and making a good cup of coffee first.”


Danny (CEO): Uni-Ball pen

“I have to agree with Rob... The Uni-Ball: so good. My favourite pen.”


Alex (Junior Copywriter): 100 Artists’ Manifestos

“I have this book of artists' manifestos that I dip into when I'm looking for a bit of inspiration.”


Paul (Creative Director): Pomodoro Timer

“I'm creative for a focused 25 minutes, then I have a five-minute break, rinse and repeat. Keeps the blade sharp.”


Lucia (Senior Producer): Post-It notes

“They just help me connect the dots. When comes to turning a medley of information into something that really makes sense, there’s still nothing better than Post-Its.”


Meredydd (Financial Director): Dilbert desk calendar

“I love Dilbert because he just... gets it. It’s not just funny, it’s true. Every single time.”


Happy Christmas from everyone at Human After All! x